September 25, 2012

Recruit Profile: Marial Shayok

With Gonzaga seemingly searching high and low for a talented wing player to add to the 2013 and 2014 classes, it’s been an eerily long time since the Bulldogs have been linked to a Canadian prospect. With that being said, I introduce to you Marial Shayok, a 6’6 guard/forward out of Ottawa, Canada, who currently plays at Blair Academy in New Jersey. The first thing to come to many people’s minds, when thinking of Canadian wing players, might be names like; PMAC, Kong, and Arop. With this pattern of talented and extremely hyped wing prospects crossing the border to play in Spokane, and ultimately not leaving the impression most fans hoped for, skepticism and hesitance may run high. However Shayok passes all the requisite eye and substance tests.

Check out Austin Daye Pic

More funny stuff! Here is a pic of past Zag star Austin Daye with comedian Kevin Hart. Notice Hart is standing on a chair, and he's still not as tall as Austin, lol:

Zag Players Make Awesome Video, funny stuff!

September 21, 2012

Eamonn Brennan reviews Gonzaga

With the start of the 2012-13 season just around the corner, most major news sources and publicans are ramping up their previews. ESPN hopped into the fray this morning with Eamonn's somewhat un-informed article. He starts by teasing us, as usual, with a quote like:
"...still six weeks removed from the start of the 2012-13 season, Mark Few’s team appears to be one of the most balanced squads on the West Coast -- if not the country."
 While i enjoy hearing praise as much as the next person, the guy has little to no understanding of the team as evidenced by statements like this:
"...Harris was one of the most highly touted recruits Few ever landed..."
Elias Harris was not a highly touted, or for that matter highly sought after recruit. Most people within the fan base had little to no knowledge of Elias prior to his commitment to the program.

What about this one?
"...Dower showed flashes of brilliance in his junior season..."
Wait, Sam already played his junior season? Where was i at? Oh yeah, that's right, he was a redshirt sophomore...whoops...

The reality is that no publication, no matter how big or respected can accurately project what will happen during an upcoming season. If they could we would not need to play the season. I would hope that writers would do a little more research than Eamonn when trying to represent our team in the future.

As always, GO ZAGS!

September 18, 2012

Portland Trailblazers Reload with the right AMMO

Morrison defending, when he played for Mead High School

Word has been spreading the last couple of days that past Gonzaga star, Adam Morrison, received an invite to the Portland Trailblazers training camp. The only problem was that their roster was full, and it was a non-guaranteed invite, meaning that Adam would have to make the team.

Things have suddenly changed for the better. Morrison now has a guaranteed 1 year contract and will receive the league minimum salary.

Adam played very well in Europe recently with Besiktas Milangaz where he averaged 11.8 points. He was also very impressive playing summer league for the LA Clippers where he averaged 18.7 points and 4.7 rebounds on a scorching 56% FG (22-39) and 60% 3-PT (6-10).

This is great news for Adam...we wish him much success in Portland.

More Details on Goodson

Here is a local article that gives more in depth details about Demetri Goodsen and his decision to transfer from Gonzaga and play football for Baylor: Goodsen Thriving at Baylor

September 16, 2012

JuCo Recruit from Broward CC Coming to Visit

Apparently, the staff is bringing in multiple junior college players with the intent on shoring up the wing position.

Currently on campus for a visit is JC recruit Chris Griffen, and now we find out that JC recruit Craig Brown is coming in from Fort Lauderdale Florida next week. Brown is a 6'5 215 lb wing that plays for Broward CC.

He is currently finishing up a visit to Auburn and reports are that he is very happy with coach Tony Barbee and the Tigers so far. Let's see how he feels next week after his official visit to G.U.

Seven other schools are showing interest: Rivals

Some stats from Broward CC, looks like he's pretty good from deep: HERE

We will keep you updated...Go Zags!

September 15, 2012

Welcome to Spokane Przemek Karnowski!!~

Our prized center from Poland, has safely arrived on Campus and is already scoring pics with blond beauties.

Hopefully, this will help with any possible homesickness problems, lol.

*double click on the pic for a larger view.

September 14, 2012

Recruit Profile: Bryan Alberts

Gonzaga Recruit Bryan Alberts

As the 2012-13 season draws near, the focus will shift from recruiting for the future to a focus on the present.  Before recruiting is pushed to the back burner, one key recruit is set to visit Gonzaga.

Current recruit, and one of Gonzaga's key focuses for the future, Bryan Alberts is set to visit Gonzaga from the 12th-14th of October.  Alberts is a 2014 guard prospect with a great maturity on the floor. 
BTI Director Robert Icart has been high on Alberts potential in the media.
"He is clearly, and I have seen a lot of the top guards, the most college ready perimeter player on the West Coast in 2014.  I'm not talking about upside and potential and some of the other descriptions scouts use.  I'm looking at his skills being transferrable to the college level.  He is a terrific perimeter shooter and has a great mid-range game."
6'3 Alberts possesses a mature body with the capability to play at the rim due to his above average leaping ability.  His mature frame and solid all-around game allows Alberts to score in a variety of ways.  Bryan Alberts has the potential to replace some of the great guards currently at Gonzaga and become a future great of Guard University.

September 7, 2012

Robert Sacre signs with the Lakers

Terms have yet to be released, but Robert Sacre has been signed by the Lakers. While so much has been done to the Laker line-up this season, with big time additions Steve Nash and Dwight Howard, it remains to be seen what Sacre's role will be or how many minutes he will get. All reports have been high on his work ethic and ability to handle the media and NBA lifestyle. Now that he is officially signed the next issue will be finally giving him a number!

Congrats Big Rob!

Demetri Goodson - Starting Cornerback for Baylor

In one of the most interesting transfer situations in Gonzaga history- Demetri Goodson, the guard best known for his magical run down the court in the NCAA tournament game against WKU (Seen Here) transferred to Baylor last year to play Football as a cornerback.

Not much was heard about Goodson last football season, but this year it looks like it may be his time to shine.  In his first career collegiate football start, Goodson recorded 7 tackles and broke up a pass.

Goodson sits down with ESPN to discuss his transition from starting Point Guard at Gonzaga to starting Cornerback for Baylor. 

Read Full Interview Here

We wish you the best Meech!

Player Profile – Rem Bakamus (Walk-On):

So who is Rem Bakamus?  We know he is on campus and expected to walk-on for this upcoming season, but what else do we know about him?

Rem is a 5’11, 145 pound guard out of Longview, Washington.  He attended Mark Morris High School where his dad was head coach.

September 6, 2012

Walk on Rem Bakamus at Gonzaga

 Rem Bakamus, an expected walk on this upcoming season enjoyed a meal at Red Lobster with Harris, Landry, and Coleman. Always good to hear our players are gelling early!

Grading WCC non-conference schedules

Great article by Zach Farmer with the examiner taking a close look at the WCC non-conference schedules. The trick to a great schedule is finding the balance between easy games and tough matchups.

Gonzaga gets an A, and at the opposite spectrum our rival St Mary's is graded with a D. For their sake, they better hope the NCAA selection committee grades on a curve!

Click here for full article