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All of us at ZAGAHOLIC are huge Zag fans. We started this site as a way to share our enthusiasm and as a place for all fans to keep informed in everything we can uncover relating to Gonzaga Bulldogs basketball. Every one of us have families, jobs, and other interests that take up our time as well, so we do what we can when time allows. Simply put, we do this as a hobby and our love for the team.
All Zag fans are welcome here, even non-zag fans. We welcome discussion in comments and differing opinions, but please keep it civil. Name calling, foul language, and personnel attacks in comments will be deleted. Please excuse us in advance if we seem a bit biased in favor of Gonzaga, because we are.

If you could remember to spread the word about our site, it would be appreciated...GO ZAGS!!~

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Just be sure to keep your terminology correct. Gonzaga does not have a Hockey team!!!
Old Hoosier

Joshua Linke said...

Inside Joke maybe? Im not getting it, lol

gaz-tastic said...

Josh, It's an inside joke.

He does not like, or understand the basketball terminolgy of a "wing". Anything "wing" must be related to hockey, or chicken.

LOL, he doesn't get out much,

Joshua Linke said...

Gotcha! lol

Anonymous said...

Read just about any book on coaching basketball and you will see the "wing" referenced many, many times.

gaz-tastic said...

It was just my step father hacking on me, lol.

quidveritas said...

One of you should do an interview with one or both of our new recruits to get their impressions of what has been going on, how it has changed things where they live and how they think next year will be different than they anticipated


gaz-tastic said...

Working on it :-)