May 30, 2011

Gonzaga offers Richard Longrus

According to Josh Gershon of, Gonzaga has officially offered Richard Longrus from the 2012 recruit class. Here is his twitter post: @JoshGershon "Bay Area forward Richard Longrus was recently offered by Gonzaga."

May 29, 2011

Meech to play Corner at Baylor

Well Folks, its official, Demetri Goodson is transferring to Baylor for football. As most of us suspected the reason was a chance to improve his professional chances. In his words, "I could probably go overseas and make some money,” Goodson said. “But professionally football will be a better move for me just because of the number of basketball players who make it and the number of football players. That was basically why I did it.”

According to Baylor Head Coach, Art Briles, Goodson is bigger than both starting corners for the Bears and with his speed, hes a shoe in for playing time. Good luck Meech, hope this turns out well for you.

For more head to Myfoxhouston

May 24, 2011


I think its more than time for this argument to be laid to rest. The Washington Huskies ended their Series wih the Gonzaga Bulldogs Per this Seattle Times article. END OF STORY. The Huskies then tried to restart the series in 2009 with an arrogant 3 game series exclusively in Seattle. Why Would Gonzaga agree to play a PAC-10 school who cant even win their own conference on their terms, when we can play teams like Michigan St., Notre Dame, and Wake Forest(...and the list goes on) with true Home and Homes?

When Lorenzo Romar got to UW in 2002, he wanted to prove that unlike his predecessor, he could beat Gonzaga. Only instead of improving his record between 2002 and 2005 he lost 4 Straight games to them. So he got with then Athletic Director Todd Turner and began discussing a way to end the series. He knew that the Huskies hadn't won versus the Zags since 1997 and he didn't want to keep losing. He also saw the effect on recruiting as the Zags began to take players like Josh Heytvelt away from the Huskies, so he spouted off about how they needed to fill the schedule with a "better game" and immediately did so by scheduling other WCC teams the following season, teams that continue to be dominated by the Zags to this day.

In 2009, after the Huskies proposed playing 3 games at Key Arena, Mark Few told CBS Analyst Seth Davis, "The chances of that happening are about the same as Big Foot having my baby," Few said. "That's like me saying, Gonzaga proposes a five-year deal at Spokane Arena. There, I just made a proposal. That's as logical as this deal [would be]." This is after the Huskies had literally faxed a letter to the Zags with their proposal and then called the press and reported that they made an official proposal, they didn't even give the Zags a chance to negotiate, it was either "take our deal or walk away". That is not how these things are handled.

I was recently approached by a rabid Husky fan who said that Lorenzo Romar is not in charge of scheduling, that this would fall under the purview of Athletic Director Scott Woodward. I was obviously puzzled as to why this would be the case when ever other Division 1 program i knew of handled scheduling via their Head Coach, so i did a little research and found this quote from their AD: on whether the end of the BIG 12/PAC 10 Season series would allow the Huskies to reschedule with Gonzaga, "No, We will probably do what we did with the Big 12 series: schedule some nice BCS-style teams to do home-and-away with -- we just won't do it within the purview of the Big 12 hardwood classic. So, we'll probably play some Big 12 schools, maybe look at playing an SEC school or a Big Ten school or a Big East school, ACC: We're open. We obviously consult on it, but I give that authority to coach Romar to schedule."

AKA, Lorenzo Romar IS responsible for not continuing this series. This series ended on their terms and they want to restart it on their terms as well, I can promise you IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. PERIOD!

Lets Support the movement, led by fans, to restart this series on amicable terms, click this link at and like the page.

Elias Harris to play with Dirk Nowitzki

Elias Harris has been invited to the German National Team tryouts on June 20-22. If he makes the team, he has a chance to play with Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Kaman at the EuroBasket 2011 Tourney in Lithuania. Some have expressed their discontent with this, that maybe he isn't committed to working out with his true teammates. My question is how can you turn down the opportunity to work with one of the top 5 players in all of basketball?

Dirk is en fuego right now, having scored 40 Points to lead the Mavs back against the Thunder last night en route to a 3-1 series advantage and just a win away from the NBA Finals. Elias has much to learn from a player of Dirks caliber, and the tournament runs just through the beginning of September. So Elias will have 2 months to get acclimated with the new Zags and work on becoming a cohesive unit.

Most of us were disappointed that Elias suffered the Sophomore slump this past season, and i can totally understand that. But what i cannot understand is why no one thinks this is a good idea for the development of one of the most athletically talented Zags ever. Elias has the potential to have a very, very good season and i can only think that spending time with one of the hardest workers in the NBA will help his progress this year.

If Elias has the year we all know he is capable of having, this may be his last hurrah in a Zags Uniform. I have faith that Rob and Elias will lead one of the best front courts in all of College Basketball this season.

May 22, 2011

Bryce Jones Signs...

...With UNLV. Not a big surprise, i think the Zags staff really cooled on him once they got a commitment from Guy Landry. I don't think they really wanted to commit a scholarship to a guy with a checkered past who wouldn't be able to play right away. Either way, Congrats Bryce, enjoy your time in Sin City!

Las Vegas Sun article

May 18, 2011

2012 Recruit Profile: Richard Longrus

Richard Longrus
SF 6-6 200
Oakland, CA (Bishop O'Dowd)
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Current List(Offers in Bold): Colorado, Utah, UCLA, Gonzaga, Santa Clara, Harvard, New Mexico, Texas, Stanford, California, UW, UNLV

Ratings: 2012 #33 PF, #149 Overall (3*) 2012 #29 SF, UR Overall (3*) 2012 UR SF, UR Overall

Scouting Info:, "Longrus has a great frame with broad shoulders and very long arms. His demeanor is terrific and he always plays the game with an even keel. He can guard the 4 or the 3 with equal aplomb due to his length, strength, and quickness. He handles the ball well in the open court and although his offensive game is limited he does make good decisions with the ball in his hands. Longrus, who reminds some of current Milwaukee Buck Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, is a solid looking prospect for the Division I level. Defensively, he is a stalwart, both inside and out, and his offensive game should get better with confidence and hard work. If he becomes a viable offensive option in the near future he should be a lock for the high-major level.","Impressive young forward with athleticism and willingness to defend. Potential high major prospect."

Richard is a great kid, reminiscent of UCLA'er of the past Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. He is very smart as evidenced by Harvard and Stanford's interest. Not the best on the offensive end, but on defense may be one of the best in the entire 2012 class. He has strong interest in Gonzaga as well and would not be surprised to see him visit sometime this summer or next fall. He will be somewhere between a 3 and 4 at the college level, although he is definitely undersized for the 4.

2012 Recruit Profile: Tyrone Wallace

Tyrone Wallace
PG 6-4 180
Bakersfield, CA (Bakersfield)

Current List(Offers in Bold): Arizona, Arizona St., Gonzaga, UNLV, California, Colorado, Florida St., Fresno St.,Oregon, Nevada,San Francisco, SDSU, Utah, UCLA, UW, Stanford, USC

Ratings: 2012 #15 PG, #84 Overall (4*) 2012 #11 PG, #98 Overall (3*) 2012 #15 PG, UR Overall (4*)

Scouting Info:, "Wallace has great size for the 1 with great length and solid athleticism. What stands out the most in his game is his ability to make others better. The left-handed point guard prospect has a great feel for the game and is an astute passer, especially in the half court set. Although Wallace is left-handed, he does much of his ball handling and passing with his right hand-a truly unique prospect. He can play the 1 or the 2 based on his skill set as well as his savvy. He has the ability to score in the paint utilizing his arsenal of runners and floaters as well. Defensively, he uses his lengthy wing span to get numerous steals and he's a deceptive shot blocker in transition. Wallace is an interesting prospect with no true position at this stage-he is just a guard with multiple gifts. His length, savvy, and versatility, should warrant a high-major scholarship. He isn't one of the elite prospects in the country, but by his junior season he should be a tremendous college player at both ends of the floor."

Tyrone has great length for a point and may remind some of Jrue Holiday who played for UCLA a couple years back. He hails from the Bay Area and may be partial to staying in the region either for Cal, Stanford or even San Francisco. He is another recruit high on Donny Daniels list and has the skillset to play the 1,2 or even 3 at the college level. Not much footage is available of him at this time.

Manny Arop Visits Indiana State

Per, Manny Arop had an official visit with the Indiana State Sycamores earlier this week. He is also said to be interested in Valparaiso, WAZZU, Montana, and Cal Poly.

Gonzaga transfer Manny Arop visits ISU:

2012 Recruit Profile: Xavier Johnson

Xavier Johnson
SF 6-6 205
Santa Ana, CA (Mater Dei)

Current List(Offers in Bold): UCLA, USC, Arizona, Arizona St., California, SDSU, Utah, UNLV, Gonzaga, Stanford, Saint John's, Georgetown, Syracuse

Ratings: 2012 #19 SF, #70 Overall (4*) 2012 #8 SF, #39 Overall (4*) 2012 #17 SF, UR Overall (4*)

Scouting Info:, "The left-handed Johnson has improved in many areas of the game. He plays with great energy at both ends and he can score in a variety of ways. He can face-up his defender and he has a quick 1st step to the basket. Johnson has now become a fairly consistent 3-point shooter. He overall shot has become much softer and as a result much more consistent. He is very potent as well when he chooses to attack off the dribble and use his length and bounce at the rim. Smooth wing that can score on the break and in the half court by getting to the rim and taking advantage of his size or showing off his nice middle game. Johnson finds a way to use his strengths to be productive. He must be more effective on the offensive glass. Due to his work ethic and physical attributes look for Johnson to climb the recruiting charts during the up and coming spring (2011) evaluation period.","Long, slender lefty with big-time body and athleticism. Highly skilled, excellent feel for the game. One of the elite prospects in the country for 2012."

Xavier is one of the premier athletes on the West coast. He is being heavily recruited by the LA schools and may end up signing with one of them soon. Donny Daniels has been linked to Xavier and may try to put a wrench in his former teams plans by making Gonzaga a player. He is also being recruited by most of the PAC-12, MWC, and BIG EAST.

Anrio Adams for 2013?

Per a recent Tweet from Jason McCleary, a High School Basketball journalist, Anrio Adams will be re-classified as a 2013 Recruit...more details to come when available.

Actual Tweet from May 1st: "Anrio Adams out of seattle will reclassify next week to the class of 2013 @PaulBiancardi @EvanDanielscout @DaveTelep"

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2012 Recruit Profile: Anrio Adams

Anrio Adams
SG 6-3, 190
Seattle, WA (Garfield)

Current List(Offers in Bold): Arizona, California, Gonzaga, Louisville, Georgetown, Kansas, Oklahoma, Oregon, UCLA, USC, Texas, Pittsburgh, UW, Wazzu, Syracuse, Miami, Florida, Baylor, Oregon St., FIU

Ratings: 2012 #8 SG, #63 Overall (4*) 2012 #16 SG, #78 Overall (4*) 2012 #17 SG, UR Overall (4*)

Scouting Info:, "Adams has lengthy frame with long arms and he's very athletic. He uses his quickness, strength, and bounce to blow by opponents in transition as he makes his way to the rim. He can take contact while finishing and he plays at a relentless pace. He is geared for scoring and he can do it in a variety of ways. Whether it is nailing the 3-point shot or scoring off the dribble in traffic he can put points up in a hurry. Adams is one of the better scoring guards in the country. He can score in bunches and he's an intense competitor. However, his game needs to mature as he plays to fast far too often. In addition, he has allowed his emotions to get the best of him - thus causing him to lose focus at critical parts of the game.""

Rio Adams is one of the hotter names in the country, and has been skyrocketing up most boards recently. He is currently an AAU teammate of Gary Bell Jr. and Tony Wroten Jr. at Seattle Rotary. Not sure if this gives us a leg up on the competion, as Tony may be more in his ear than Gary, but i know the staff has been plugging away at Adams for months now. He is being recruited by teams out of the PAC-12, BIG EAST, SEC, BIG 12, and ACC. This is one of the harder ones out there for the Zags, I wouldnt be surprised to see him end up at UW, UCLA, or Arizona. He is very athletic and one of the most prolific scorers in the country, one red flag is that he has jumped around between a few high schools and may not be one that will stay at school for more than a year or two.

2012 Recruit Profile: Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett
PF 6-8 230
Henderson, NV via Brampton, ON (Findlay Prep)
Anthony Bennett DraftExpress Profile
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Current List(Offers in Bold): Arizona, UCONN, Florida, Florida St., Kentucky, Oregon, UW, Xavier, Boston Coll., Cincy, Georgetown, Iowa St.,Pittsburgh, Texas, West Virginia,UNLV, Oklahoma, Ohio St., Marquette, Virginia Tech, Gonzaga?

Ratings: 2012 #9 PF, #22 Overall (5*) 2012 #23 PF, #85 Overall (4*) 2012 #15 PF, UR Overall (4*)

Scouting Info:,, "One of the most productive players in Hamburg (and probably one of the most talented as well), Anthony Bennett bounced back from a concussion suffered midway through the tournament to lead his Canadian team to the semifinals with a magnificent performance. He backed up everything we thought about him following the Jordan Classic and then some (even if there is still plenty of room to improve). Bennett is undersized at 6-7, but he has a body that looks more like a 21 year old's than a teenager's. He is extremely long and athletic and has a pretty unique skill set for his age. He makes shots from the perimeter at a terrific rate, spotting up confidently from beyond the 3-point line and making jumpers in impressive fashion. Bennett isn't much of a ball handler and needs to improve his footwork, post moves and work ethic in order to take full advantage of his terrific talent level. He isn't in a huge rush to show off how athletic he is, which can be misleading when watching him on first glance. Defensively, Bennett has a ways to go, but he is quite a presence on the glass.",, "Bennett has a chiseled physique and has a great combination of power and finesse. He can step out and nail the 3-point shot or go inside and impose his will. He's explosive around the rim and uses his thick frame and impressive lift to convert in traffic. He is a terrific rebounder in traffic due to his instincts and power. Bennett is a definite high-major 4-man who will make an immediate impact at the next level. He is a high-level rebounder that has great hands and instincts in the paint area. He can be a match up problem as well because of his soft shooting stroke beyond the arc. With continued development Bennett could be considered one of the top 25 prospects in the country."

At this time i have not found anything mentioning Anthony's interest in Gonzaga. However it has been rumored that he would prefer to end up playing with Kevin Pangos. Im sure Anthony will be watching to see how Pangos reacts to his time at Gonzaga and we may enter the fray towards the end of the 2012 recruiting season. However with Anthony's current list, he may be more inclined to head to a High-Major where he can improve his draft stock and be a 1 and Done.

2012 Recruit Profile: Demarquise Johnson

Demarquise Johnson
SG 6-5 190
Phoenix, AZ (Westwind Prep)

Current List(Offers in Bold): Arizona St., Colorado, Gonzaga, Louisville, Georgetown, Minnesota, SDSU, Virginia, UW, Michigan, Arizona, UCLA, Oregon St., Kansas, Pepperdine, Saint Mary's, New Mexico

Ratings: 2012 #35 SG, #122 Overall (3*) 2012 #17 SG, #82 Overall (4*) 2012 UR SG, UR Overall

Scouting Info:,, "Johnson has that quintessential frame for the 2 or the 3 and the skills as well. He can stroke it from deep and he gets great lift and rotation on his shot. In addition, he has a terrific burst off the dribble and can slash his way to the basket exhibiting excellent body control. Johnson is one of the elite scoring guard prospects in the country. If he is willing to improve his all-around game (rebounding, defense, making others better) he should be an excellent Division I player."

Demarquise is one of those players who is just now starting to get some national attention. He will continue to rise in the rankings, as evidenced by having his ranked so much higher than and doesn't even really have him on their radar. He has started to get the attention of Sean Miller at Arizona and UCLA as well, those may be the two toughest competitors for his services for the Zags. Many are questioning why the Zags offered Quise, but i really think we need to go after as many high end players as possible, we can let the rest work itself out later. Quise has a nice tough on his shot and is a great slasher, one of the better athletes in the west.

2012 Recruit Profile: Jordan Tebbutt

Jordan Tebbutt
SF 6-5 220
Tualatin, Oregon (Horizon Christian)

Current List(Offers in Bold): Arizona, Oregon, Wazzu, UW, Gonzaga, Oregon St., Kentucky, UCLA, USC, Stanford, Virginia, Vanderbilt, Marquette, Colorado,Arizona St., Portland, Portland St., California

Ratings: 2012 #14 SF, #68 Overall (4*) 2012 #18 SF, 65 Overall (4*) 2012 UR SF, UR Overall (3*)

Scouting Info:,, "Tebbutt's frame is that of a college junior rather than a rising junior in high school. Despite his bulk he has a nice touch out to the stripe and he uses his body very well while navigating the key area for runners and strong takes to the rim. He has a nice mid-range game where he uses his strength to power his way to the rim or pull-up and hit the jump shot at the elbow. He has a solid looking 3-point stroke and his release is smooth. Defensively, he slides his feet fairly well despite his size and he's a dependable rebounder. Overall, Tebbutt is an intriguing prospect for the next level. At this stage he's a college-ready 2/3, but if his body gets much bigger and he loses some of his explosiveness and quickness his upside may come into question."

Jordan's recruiting is wide open at this point. It doesn't help that he is headed to Oak Hill (VA) for his senior season. This will only bring more east coast teams into his recruitment and if he plays well, he may be in for the likes of UConn, Duke and UNC jumping into the fray. At this time, he is being courted by the entire PAC-12 as well as some of the WCC and even some BIG EAST/ACC teams. Very big, physical wing...Capable of driving the lane with ease, however he currently does not have the level of competition he will get next season. His body is built for contact, and with his skill set he will match up with most wings in the country. He has a nice stroke from outside and will square up and knock down the three. I expect the Zags to continue to recruit him, but with the level of competition they will have for his services, he may not make up his mind until late in his senior season.

May 17, 2011

2012 Recruit Profile: Skylar Spencer

Skylar Spencer
PF 6-8 210
Los Angeles, CA (Price)
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Current List(Offers in Bold): USC, Gonzaga, Florida St., Marquette, UNLV, Colorado, Iowa, UCLA, UW, Utah

Ratings: 2012 #18 PF, #80 Overall (4*) 2012 #27 PF, UR Overall (3*) 2012 UR PF, UR Overall (3*)
-2010 State Div. 4 Champion (as Sophomore)

Scouting Info:,, "He has a terrific frame and his game has continued to evolve since his sophomore campaign. Spencer plays with great energy and possesses a blue-collar mentality despite having a wiry frame. His offensive game needs attention, both from a skill and fundamental standpoint, but he's an intriguing talent because he runs hard and fills the lane, usually finishing with a dunk. Defensively, he is an elite shot-blocker and his ability to rebound in traffic is improving."
also from,"Spencer has great length with long arms and his frame suggests that he isn't done growing. He is an exceptional athlete that can run all day. His rebounding prowess is impressive and he does a great job filling the lane after out-letting the ball. He has developed a solid half-hook shot over his right shoulder and he can elevate in traffic to dunk it. Defensively, he slides his feet well for a big and he's a top-tier shot blocker with excellent timing - it's not unusual for him to get multiple blocks during a half-court sequence."

We all know who is picking up the tab on this recruiting job. Donny Daniels has dramatically opened the doors on recruits from Southern California since his arrival on the bench. Skylar is very excited about Gonzaga and plans on taking a visit to Spokane soon. I wouldn't be surprised with an early commitment locked up if all goes well. Skylar looks and feels like a replacement for Elias Harris, they have similar athletic games, the biggest difference right now is on offense with Skylar still needing a lot of work. I'm sure Coach Few and Co. will be able to tap into his offensive potential and i expect if Skylar does commit that Sam Dower will be able to give him a few pointers on some offensive moves. Not much footage is available on Skylar yet, but i did find a nice long interview.

Its not Easy

The recent article on regarding the sexual orientation of former Villanova standout, Will Sheridan, got me thinking about how players cope with the mental stress of life while juggling their everyday role as a Gonzaga Mens Basketball player.

You can read the article on Will Sheridan HERE

Most players come into the program as teenagers, still learning what it is to be a man and what they ultimately will strive to achieve. Like the infamous NCAA commercial says, there are over 400,000 student-athletes, and almost all of them will be going pro in something other than sports. Basketball may not ultimately be their career, but while at Gonzaga they will become the man that eventually starts a business or maybe even a family. We as fans should examine our favorite players with a grain of salt. Sure that last three pointer missed badly, but what was on the players mind? We analyze that shot or their play with a microscope looking for some flaw or issue that needs their attention. Worse yet we curse at the television and blame the player or coaching staff for poor decision making, when at the end of the day there could be so much more than basketball on their mind.

Think about guys like Steven Gray who so epitomized the role of the student athlete with his forays into acting and his trip to Africa. He began his career in 2007 full of so much potential. His hair no more than an 1/8 of an inch long. No tattoos, nothing but a clean cut face that didn't look a day over 16. By the end of his freshman season we watched as he went toe to toe with Stephen Curry, matching the future NBA star shot for shot and looking like a future pro in his own right. Then he became a sophomore, and I'm sure many of us wondered what happened, he didn't look interested at times, almost disappeared on the court, his inconsistent play would continue throughout his career. We all screamed when he would miss shots that we just knew he could make. We all watched with glee as he dominated games with his defensive prowess in the passing lanes. Time after time i would shake my head, as he always seemed to have an uncanny ability to find the ball. At the end of the day, NBA scouts would leave the Kennel with the same feeling, shaking their head. I read a quote recently from an NBA scout who said Gray used to be considered a sure fire lottery pick, but has since become something of a pariah and as such his stock has noticeably fallen. He now sits somewhere near the back end of the second round as a fringe NBA player.

But, how does Steven feel about this? With his dread-locked hair and tribal tattoos, Steven was always more interested in Life than with Basketball. He went to Gonzaga to shoot the ball, and left ready to experience life. I wouldn't be surprised if he made an NBA team and found a niche, or even if he decided to take his talents to Europe for a few years. But at the end of the day, Steven will find his way, he will rise above Basketball and live life to the fullest. I am inspired by his take on life, I see Steven and i think about how much potential he has in Life. He will become something special, no matter what the NBA scouts say. I think Steven said it best when he said, "I've really enjoyed being a part of this program, They've taught me a lot, not just on the court, but in being a man." Next time we are watching a game, lets think about the players not just how they play, but who they will become.

Past Zags Update

While most of us stop following the players once they leave the program, I find myself wondering where they are, and what they have made themselves into. I will be doing a three Part look at some of the more famous Players of the last 15 years. Starting with Ronny Turiaf, Adam Morrison, Blake Stepp and Nathan Doudney.

Ronny Turiaf
Ronny Turiaf Twitter
Official Website

As one of the most memorable Zags and fan favorites, Ronny's success surely hasnt escaped the most seasoned Zag fans, but for those of you who havent been keeping up, heres a summary of his career.
Ronny has been playing in the NBA since he left the Zags in 2005. He was drafted in the second round at #37 overall by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2005 NBA Draft. 4 Weeks after the draft, the team signed Ronny to a 2 Year $1 Million deal, and as part of the deal he was required to have a routine Physical. What sounded easy and routine ended up showing that Ronny had an enlarged Aortic Root in his heart, ultimately requiring surgery. Ronny's contract was voided, but the Lakers retained his rights. Less than 6 months later after a short stint in the CBA with the Yamika Sun Kings, Ronny was resigned by the Lakers and was able to restart his NBA career.
Ronny has gone on to play for the Golden State Warriors and this past season was traded to the New York Knicks. He has averaged 5.8 Points and 3.8 Boards per game, He is also considered a tough veteran and has spent time as team captain with the Warriors and Knicks.

Adam Morrison
Adam Morrison Rumors

We all remember "Stachio" and his quirky personality, we also remember his clutch shooting and unmatched confidence. He would ultimately win Co-National Player of the Year with J.J. Redick and lead the Zags to the Sweet 16. Not a day goes by that i dont wonder what would have been had that fateful game in 2006 had finished differently, but alas back to reality.
Instead of moving on and having the career of the oft compared Larry Bird, Adam has settled for more of a career of mediocrity. Adam's NBA fortunes began with a bang, being selected #3 by the Charlotte Bobcats in the 2006 NBA Draft. He also had the distinction of being Michael Jordans first selection since joining the Bobcats front office earlier that year.
His rookie season was marred by inconsistent offensive and horrible defensive play. After the 06-07 season, Adam took on a rigorous offseason workout regimen and began to show signs of stardom, so much so that during the 2007 Preseaon, MJ began to hint at building the team around Adam.
On October 21, 2007, the Charlotte Bobcats announced that Morrison had sustained a severe injury to his left knee in a pre-season exhibition game against the Lakers. An MRI scan performed after the game indicated a torn ACL. I wouldnt be surprised if this is considered a career ending knee injury as Adam has not regained a regular role with any team since.
Adam was traded to the Lakers at the 2009 Trade Deadline and would go on to infamously cheer on the Lakers bench during their back to back national championships. Following the 2010 Season the Lakers unsurprisingly decided not to bring Adam back and he would later sign with the Washington Wizards, however he was waived at the end of Training Camp. Some have speculated that Adam may decide to retire following the 2011 Season as he has stated his desire not to play in Europe. Adam has averaged 8.6 Points and 2.2 Boards per game for his career.

Blake Stepp
Blake Stepp Poker Page

After leaving Gonzaga in 2004 with career averages of 13 Points, 5 Assists, and 3.9 Boards per game, Blake was drafted #58 overal by the Minnesota Timberwolves. He was later waived by the Wolves prior to the regular season, he would go on to have a 2 year career in the Euroleague Playing for the Serbian Club Partizan in 2004-05 finishing with averages of 13.1 Points, 2.5 Assists, and 2.2 Boards per game.
While this former Zag may not have had a long NBA Career, he has been playing Professional Poker of late and is actually pretty good. He has 1 top 10 finish in 2006 and has cashed in 6 times throughout his career for total winnings of $37,555.

Nathan Doudney
Nathan Doudney Poker Page

Many may not remember this former zag, he only played 1 official season, spending another as a redshirt with a torn ACL. ESPN actually had an interesting article on him in July of 2010 about his transformation into a Professional Poker player here.
During his time on the professional Poker circuit, he has done rather nicely for himself with 15 total cashouts for career winnings of $691,252. He has finished in the Top ten 4 times and the top 5 twice. Doudney may just be the best Poker Player to ever come out of Gonzaga.

Next up:
Austin Daye
Matt Bouldin
Dan Dickau
Josh Heytvelt

Derek Raivio
J.P. Batista
Richie Frahm
Matt Santangelo

May 16, 2011

Recruit Profile: Chris Sarbaugh

Chris Sarbaugh
PG 6-3 180
Spokane, WA (Gonzaga Prep)
*Committed to Gonzaga on 11/6/2010

-2011 4A State Champion
-2011 4A State tourney MVP
-2011 Seattle Times POY

Scouting Info:
From his coach Matty McIntyre,, "He’s a playmaker, a creator, He knows we’re about team basketball, but he can pick and shoot his shots. He gets to the rim. He can play above the rim. We’re going to need him creating in the paint. He’s got a knack at finishing, He can finish with both hands, but he can finish with his left hand in traffic better than most kids at the high school level. He anticipates so well, He sees the game a few steps ahead of everybody."

Chris comes to the Zags without the need for a Scholarship, as his father taught there and will receive a tuition waiver. Chris is not just some walk-on, he actually comes as one of the top 3 vote getters for Player of the Year in the state. He can drive to the hole surprisingly quickly and has been known to knock down the big shot. He actually is pretty athletic and comes to the Zags with a 32 inch vertical leap. I would not be surprised to see Chris get solid minutes in the next couple years.

Recruit Profile: Guy Landry

Guy Landry
SF 6-5 210
Paris, France (Midland College JUCO)
*Committed to Gonzaga on 4/23/2011
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-2010-11 NJCAA National Champion
-2011 Parade All-American 4th Team
-Named to 2010 Ivory Coast FIBA team (Averaged 10.2 PPG, 2.6 RPG for tourney)

Scouting Info:, "Physically mature and very strong, Landry is originally from France. He's a bit older than kids in his class -- turns (22 in December of 2010) -- and he takes advantage of that maturity on the court. He plays with great energy and he has the potential to be a very good defender. Shot and overall ball skills are just fair. A likely high major prospect."

Landry was heavily recruited by Missouri, Wichita State, and Minnesota, but in the end chose Gonzaga. Super Athletic, one of best high flyers in the entire country. Expect great defense, high energy minutes and lots of thunderous dunks.

Recruit Profile: Ryan Spangler

Ryan Spangler
PF 6-8 230
Blanchard, OK (Bridge Creek)
*Committed to Gonzaga on 9/27/2010

-2011 Oklahoma Gatorade POY
-2011 Parade All-American 4th Team

Scouting Info:, "Spangler was one of the better surprises of the spring. The versatile 5/4 can impact a game in multiple ways. He has a solid (well-built) frame with fairly broad shoulders, good hands, and long arms. He has a blue-collar mentality at both ends of the floor and his fundamentals for the game are quite good. He is always around the basketball and he consistently makes plays in the paint area. He can finish with either hand and his timing is excellent while going for offensive rebounds and put-backs. His back-to-the-basket game is solid as well as he turns over his left shoulder very well and footwork is quite good. While facing the basket he is an excellent passer who understands angles demonstrating his feel for the game."

Recruit Profile: Kyle Dranginis

Kyle Dranginis
PG 6-4 180
Nampa, ID (Skyview)
*Committed to Gonzaga on 12/29/2009

-3 Time Idaho Press-Tribune POY
-2 Time SIC POY
-2 Time Idaho Gatorade POY

Scouting Info:, "Dranginis is a multi-skilled guard for the next level. He has great size for both guard positions due to his length and skill. He has a feathery touch out to 23-feet and his stroke is smooth. His basketball IQ is tremendous-usually resulting in a number of nifty passes. He sees the floor very well, both in transition and the half court set. In addition, he can pass over the top of the defense to open shooters in the corners."

Dranginis continues a long line of great passing guards at Gonzaga. He comes in as one of the most accomplished players in Idaho history. Plays like a Point, but with his size may be able to play 2 guard at the College level. Expect comparisons to Matt Bouldin, not for his size, but for his court vision.

May 15, 2011

Recruit Profile: Gary Bell Jr.

Gary Bell Jr.
SG 6-2 200
Kent, WA (Kentridge)
*Committed to Gonzaga on 4/26/2010

-AP State (WA) Player of the Year, 2011
-Mr. Basketball 2011, WA
-Gatorade Player of Year 2011, WA
-Rivals #19 SG, #75 Player in 2011 Recruiting Class
-ESPN #18 SG, #67 Player in 2011 Recruiting Class

Scouting Info:, "Bell is clearly at his best playing off the ball where he can catch and shoot or attack going to the rim. He is slightly undersized to be a wing, and that limits him some on the defensive end, and his shot off the dribble can get a bit inconsistent. Still he is a good scorer off the drive or from deep and has the natural athleticism to be a factor on both ends of the floor.", "Bell has a strong frame with nice length that can take contact while driving in the paint area and he's a good athlete. The strength of his game is shooting. He has a very smooth release and his shot is especially deadly in a catch and shoot situation. In addition to his shooting prowess he has improved as a passer and rebounder. He isn't afraid to bang inside for rebounds and igniting the fast break."

Gary Bell Jr. is the centerpiece to one of the Zags deepest recruiting classes in school history. Bell was ranked the 2nd highest player in the state after future UW Guard, Tony Wroten Jr., and also happened to be teammates on the same AAU squad, Seattle Rotary. His stock skyrocketed during the summer of 2010 while playing AAU ball, and he continues to impress with his great shooting and athletic ability.

Recruit Profile: Kevin Pangos

Kevin Pangos
PG 6-1 165
Newmarket, Ontario
Follow Kevin on
*Committed to Gonzaga on 10/5/2010

-In August 2010, Kevin became the youngest member to ever play for the Canadian Senior National Team at the age of 16.
-Named Top Point Guard at 2010 FIBA U17 Championships
-Named to 2011 Nike Hoops Summit World Team

Scouting Info:
Former Arizona Point Guard, Miles Simon, "He's smart, deceptively quick, is a great shooter, and can finish with both hands -- an excellent player." "His strengths are tailor-made for the college game. He can shoot and handle the ball; he's a great playmaker and a hard-worker defensively."

Part of the Canadian Basketball Renaissance, Pangos is considered the countries best Point Guard prospect since Steve Nash, who you may remember as a 2 Time NBA MVP (not to mention former player at WCC Rival Santa Clara). This "Best of" List includes the #7 player overall from the 2010 Class, Cory Joseph, formerly of the University of Texas and projected 2nd Round pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. All High Praise for such a young kid, but according to his National Team Coach, Leo Rautins (Father of former Syracuse, and current New York Knicks Guard Andy Rautins), Kevin will be a Special Player.


OK...I know its shocking, but I'm back. I got tired of seeing some of the whining on message boards and decided it was time to jump back into the fray. Its time to reclaim the Blogosphere with my witty commentary and spry POV on all things Zags...(insert hysterical laughter here)...

I'm sure most of you barely remember, but at one time this Blog was happening! Well its back, and with a vengeance. This time around we're tougher, meaner, and nastier. Im not gonna keep censoring for the faint of heart, You've been put on notice!

Let me start with the recent Bulldog Buzz around the net: Apparently Demetri Goodson decided his basketball future was far less bright than his Football future and is transferring to some Lone Star State school who hasnt been relevant in football in years. Whatever, its his choice, I'm sure he will fizzle out with the Pigskin just like he never lived up to expectations in Bulldog Blue...Manny Arop is also out as a Zag, but its not like he really earned many minutes did he? Sure he hit a few big threes in his time, but he never really could handle the competition in D-1 College Basketball. It will be interesting to see if he can get on anywhere else in the states...Now there's rumors that Kelly Olynyk will be soon to follow, and now we got a bunch of whiny B!@#hes calling for Mark Few's head, i question their fanhood, their manhood, and their all around Patriotism with comments like that. Name one transfer who would have made the All-WCC team this year, let alone all-Big Sky. This opens minutes for far superior players.

I'm ready for the 2011-12 Season to start, the worst part about April-November is no college basketball, and I'm gonna do my best to keep some form of commentary alive during the dull-drums. LETS GO ZAGS!