February 26, 2010

Game Recap: Santa Clara @ Gonzaga

Final Score: Gonzaga 88 Santa Clara 51

Box Score Snapshot
Scorer: Steven Gray 26 Points
Rebounder: Kelly Olynyk 7 Boards
Passer: Matt Bouldin 5 Assists
Swatter: Harris/Foster 2 Blocks
Thief: Matt Bouldin 3 Steals

Game MVP: Steven Gray
26 Points, 6 Boards, 2 Steals, and an Assist

Team Comparison: Zags/Broncos
Points: 88/51
Assist to /Turnover Ratio: 1.70/0.27
Rebounds: 40/24
Shooting Percentage: 57%/34%
3pt Percentage: 42%/29%

What it means for the future (Analysis):
What a way to clinch our tenth straight conference championship. The Zags moved into a tie for 2nd place on all time with UCONN and UNLV and only second to UCLA who won 13 straight conference championships in the late 60s and 70s.

Steven Gray was brilliant scoring 26 points on 83% shooting. Robert Sacre played well also establishing a dominating post presence with several dunks and tough moves to the basket on his way to 11 points in 16 minutes. I expect this game to be a sign of things to come as the Zags close out the regular season with San Francisco on Saturday and Cal St. Bakersfield on Tuesday. LETS GO ZAGS!

February 25, 2010

Game Preview: Santa Clara

Gonzaga plays at home tonight versus the Santa Clara Broncos. I expect a good game, but in the end the Zags will lock up at least a share of the Conference Title for the 10th Straight season. With Memphis likely to not win the C-USA title, the Zags will have the longest streak in the nation and be the only ones left to try to challenge UCLA's record of 13 straight. LETS GO ZAGS!

February 22, 2010

Game Recap: Gonzaga @ Pepperdine

Final Score: Gonzaga 72 Pepperdine 54

Box Score Snapshot
Scorer: Matt Bouldin 18 Points
Rebounder: Arop/Harris 6 Boards
Passer: Matt Bouldin 5 Assists
Swatter: Robert Sacre 6 Blocks
Thief: Goodson/Gray 1 Steal

Game MVP: Robert Sacre
12 Points, 6 Blocks, and 4 Boards

Team Comparison: Zags/Waves
Points: 72/54
Assist to /Turnover Ratio: 1.30/0.73
Rebounds: 31/43
Shooting Percentage: 53%/27%
3pt Percentage: 39%/20%

What it means for the future (Analysis):
Well this was definitely the rebound game the Zags needed. Although splitting this road trip was not in the plans, i think we have learned something more about our team and everything we can learn now will only help us in the tournament. I expect if the Zags can win out in Conference play to be able to secure our #4 seed in Spokane still. LETS GO ZAGS!

February 18, 2010

Game Recap: Gonzaga @ Loyola Marymount

Final Score: Loyola Marymount 74 Gonzaga 66

Box Score Snapshot
Scorer: Elias Harris 13 Points
Rebounder: Elias Harris 11 Boards
Passer: Steven Gray 6 Assists
Swatter: Robert Sacre 3 Blocks
Thief: Steven Gray 3 Steals

Game MVP: Demetri Goodson
11 Points, 3 Boards, and a steal

Team Comparison: Zags/Lions
Points: 66/74
Assist to /Turnover Ratio: 1.09/1.90
Rebounds: 33/31
Shooting Percentage: 34%/47%
3pt Percentage: 35%/50%

What it means for the future (Analysis):
Seriously? Loyola Marymount? This is the type of loss that makes you shake your head and ask does Gonzaga want to host the first two rounds of the NCAA tourney? or would they rather travel across the country again...with this loss id say its the latter.

February 15, 2010

February 12, 2010

Scouting Report: San Diego

Don't Miss the Zags next game against San Diego, Saturday night at 10PM eastern time on ESPNU. LETS GO ZAGS!

Game Recap: Saint Mary's @ Gonzaga

Final Score: Gonzaga 80 Saint Mary's 61

Box Score Snapshot
Scorer: Elias Harris 19 Points
Rebounder: Kelly Olynyk 7 Boards
Passer: Matt Bouldin 4 Assists
Swatter: Will Foster 2 Blocks
Thief: Robert Sacre 3 Steals

Game MVP: Matt Bouldin
18 Points, 5 Boards, 4 Assists, a steal and a Block

Team Comparison: Zags/Gaels
Points: 80/61
Assist to /Turnover Ratio: 1.00/0.56
Rebounds: 32/29
Shooting Percentage: 54%/37%
3pt Percentage: 31%/30%

What it means for the future (Analysis):
This game helps solidify the Zags run for a 10th straight Conference title. The Gaels had been tied for first place in conference, now the Zags are alone at the top and beat Saint Mary's twice on the year. Matt Bouldin continued his great play as of late, and helped lead the Zags to quite a lopsided victory. Elias Harris finally found his legs again after his lackluster performance against Memphis.

It is likely that with the Zags new found defensive prowess and their offensive efficiency that they will run the table the rest of the way and enter the NCAA tourney at 29-4...

February 8, 2010

Scouting Report: Saint Mary's

This Thursday at 11PM Eastern on ESPN2, Gonzaga will play host to Saint Mary's in a rematch of the Zags big win in Moraga, CA earlier this year. The winner will take over the top spot alone in Conference play and probably secure a West Coast Conference Title. BIG GAME! LETS GO ZAGS!

February 6, 2010

Game Recap: Gonzaga @ Memphis

Final Score: Gonzaga 66 Memphis 58

Box Score Snapshot
Scorer: Matt Bouldin 19 Points
Rebounder: Steven Gray 7 Boards
Passer: Elias Harris 5 Assists
Swatter: Robert Sacre 4 Blocks
Thief: 6 With 1 Steal

Game MVP: Matt Bouldin
19 Points, 4 Boards, 3 Assists, and a Steal

Team Comparison: Zags/Tigers
Points: 66/58
Assist to /Turnover Ratio: 1.17/0.67
Rebounds: 33/26
Shooting Percentage: 41%/40%
3pt Percentage: 41%/29%

What it means for the future (Analysis):
Great game, The Zags took care of the Tigers for the first time after going 0-4 for the last 4 years. Matt Bouldin played like a prodigee with behind the back no look passes and stutter step fakes to the basket. And the Zags won without almost any offensive output from their freshman phenom, Elias Harris who had 6 points on 2-14 shooting.

This game also stands as a likely stepping stone to the #4 seed in the tourney and playing host in Spokane.

February 5, 2010

Scouting Report: Memphis

Memphis Tigers
W-L: 16-6
RPI: 50
SOS: 155
Best Wins:
(58) UAB W, 85-75
(76) Marshall W, 75-72

Best Losses:
(1) Kansas L, 57-55
(19) Tennessee L, 66-59

Team Leaders:
Points: Elliot Williams 19.6
Assists: Willie Kemp 3.9
Rebounds: Will Coleman 5.8

Best Player:

Elliot Williams G 6-4 180 SO
The Former Dukie, has come to Memphis and helped stop the bleeding once Calipari left.

My Take:
This game is huge, with this win, the Zags solidify themselves as a #4 seed and likely get to host the first 2 rounds of the tourney in Spokane, with a loss the Zags will have lost 5 Straight to the Tigers and may want to seriously consider cancelling their new 4 year Home and Home agreement. That being said, i fully expect the Zags to continue their winning ways and beat Memphis.

Final Score: Gonzaga 72 Memphis 67

Game Recap: Portland @ Gonzaga

Final Score: Gonzaga 76 Portland 49

Box Score Snapshot
Scorer: Matt Bouldin 20 Points
Rebounder: Harris/Arop 7 Boards
Passer: Steven Gray 5 Assists
Swatter: Robert Sacre 4 Blocks
Thief: Harris/Arop 3 Steals

Game MVP: Manny Arop
8 Points, 7 Boards, and 3 Steals in 17 Minutes!

Team Comparison: Zags/Pilots
Points: 76/49
Assist to /Turnover Ratio: 1.78/0.56
Rebounds: 35/27
Shooting Percentage: 50%/36%
3pt Percentage: 39%/27%

What it means for the future (Analysis):
WHAT A GAME! The Zags came out guns blazing and played their best defense of the year. No question that they are fired up after that San Francisco loss. This is the kind of game that makes you think that the Zags have potential to go very far in the NCAA Tourney.

As far as individual efforts go, Manny Arop was so efficient in his time on the court that i had to give him the player of the game. He ended up with 8 Points, 7 Boards, and 3 Steals in just 17 minutes, GREAT GAME! LETS GO ZAGS!

February 2, 2010

Scouting Report: Portland

As we have already done a scouting report for Portland this year, i will spare you redundancy, Eric Reveno and Co. are coming to the Kennel on Thursday night, are you ready?

February 1, 2010

Game Recap: Gonzaga @ San Francisco

Final Score: San Francisco 81 Gonzaga 77 OT

Box Score Snapshot
Scorer: Elias Harris 21 Points
Rebounder: Matt Bouldin 12 Boards
Passer: Matt Bouldin 5 Assists
Swatter: 3 With 1 Blocks
Thief: Demetri Goodson 2 Steals

Game MVP: Elias Harris
21 Points, 8 Boards, 2 Assists, and 1 Steal

Team Comparison: Zags/Dons
Points: 77/81
Assist to /Turnover Ratio: 0.63/0.94
Rebounds: 39/34
Shooting Percentage: 42%/48%
3pt Percentage: 28%/46%

What it means for the future (Analysis):
Ugh! What can i say about this that hasn't already been said? This was ugly, the Dons were shooting the lights out, namely Dior Lowhorn, and the Zags were horrible on the offensive end. In the end, i think we can all agree this is good to have this happen now, hopefully we will use it to learn and become that much better in the tournament.