July 21, 2013

Introducing Dustin Triano, Gonzaga's Newest Walk-On

I first met Dustin at the Gonzaga summer scrimmages. Usually, I know all the Zag players but was drawing a blank as to who he was. So, I did what any curious Zag fan would do...I walked up, introduced myself, and asked. He was a really nice, accommodating fellow.

Turns out he is Gonzaga's newest walk-on and his name is Dustin Triano. He hails out of Tsawwassen, Canada and recently played at a prep school back east called, New Hampton Prep with big time recruits Travis Jorgenson (Georgia Tech) and Noah Vonleh (Indiana). He told me he was recruited by none other than assistant coach, Tommy Lloyd. He is about 6'3, 185 pounds, and plays the point and SG positions. He also happens to be the son of NBA head coach, Jay Triano, who was the one time coach of the Toronto Raptors.

He was playing the off guard position with the skins team and was very impressive during the scrimmages. He was shooting lights out from deep, had very tight handles, and spreading the rock like a veteran with confidence. After one of the scrimmages he stayed and was shooting by himself. This guy was knocking down shots from everywhere, including being deadly accurate from the NBA three line.

When we left the Kennel at 10 p.m. tonight he was there practicing all by himself, again. He reminds me of Kevin Pangos, how he was on the court shooting at all hours of the night when he first arrived on campus, driven to get better.

He knows about Gonzaga's track record of walk-ons getting a chance, and succeeding, like Mike Hart and David Stockton. All he wants is a chance. A chance to help the team and a chance at earning starters minutes somewhere down the line.

He played very well at the scrimmages, so he has talent. If he is a gym rat like Pangos, who knows? Maybe he'll forge a nice career for himself and be the next walk-on star at GU. We'll certainly be pulling for him.

Welcome to Gonzaga Dustin, and thanks for the time. Keep knocking down those shots!

Follow Dustin on Twittter : https://twitter.com/dustintriano


Osco said...

Thanks for the write up on Dustin. I'd love to hear more about the scrimmages and how some of the other players looked.

gaz-tastic said...

In the works......TONS of pictures and a post on the summer scrimmages in the works.

Thanks for your comment.

quidveritas said...

Looking forward to the updates. Thanks much!