November 29, 2008

Scouting Report: Tennessee

Scouting Report

Best Wins:
Tennessee 78, (38) Siena 64
Tennessee 90, (36) Georgetown 78

Current Rankings:
#12 in AP and ESPN/USA Today

Team Leaders:
Points: Tyler Smith 18.6
Assists: Bobby Maze 6.2
Rebounds: Wayne Chism 8.2

Best Players:
Tyler Smith, Jr., 6-7 215, SF
Tyler is as scrappy a defender and slasher as their is in College Basketball. He's definitely picked it up a notch on the offensive end scoring about 5 more points a game than a year before. Shooting about 55% from the field and 50% from three, the guys had a hot hand.

My Take:
This is going to be interesting, a chance to see what we can do on a truly neutral court against a team that we will have to play again on January 7th. This is going to be our toughest test of the season thus far and as long as the Zags establish the low post and go at Wayne Chism, i think we can pull this one out. Expect low scoring and a lot of turnovers...

Side Note: So Far, Gonzaga has the top RPI in the nation. Click Here to see.

Final Score: Gonzaga 72 Tennessee 67

Recap: Gonzaga vs. Maryland

Final Score: Gonzaga 81 Maryland 59

Box score snapshot
Scorer: Josh Heytvelt 22 points
Rebounder: Austin Daye 10 Boards
Passer: Matt Bouldin 4 Assists
Swatter: Austin Daye 3 Blocks
Theif: Matt Bouldin 2 Steals

Game MVP: Josh Heytvelt
22 points, 9 Boards, 1 Block, 2 Big 3's

Team Comparison: Zags/Terrapins
Points: 81/59
assist to turnover ratio:0.80/1.00
Shooting Percentage: 53%/37%
3pt Percentage: 31%/8%

Notes from the sideline:
-Jeremy Pargo seemed to learn from game 1, looking to defer more so than take control of the game...still he hit two big threes...
-Josh Heytvelt was a breath of fresh air, He had dominance, confidence, and versatility.
-Matt Bouldin has taken the role of the do whatever it takes to hold the game together. He has been one of the hardest working Zags over the early part of the season.
-Austin Daye was again brilliant. His talent has to be second to none, some of his shots look awkward, but his body control helps guide them in, in a way reminiscent of Adam Morrison in his ability to create offense.

What it means for the future (Analysis):
Well, to put it lightly, this means that the Zags made serious adjustments after the ugly first round game and also in game after the pretty mistake prone first half. They realized that all roads to success lead through an explosive Josh Heytvelt. Heytvelt took over the second half, showing dominance i haven't seen since before his drug bust during winter 07. His confidence alone makes the Zags Final Four contenders. If the Zags continue to capitalize on Heytvelt's confidence, i think Tennessee has no chance.

November 28, 2008

Scouting Report: Maryland

Scouting Report

Best Wins:
Maryland 80, (91) Michigan St. 62

Current Rankings:

Team Leaders:
Points: Greivis Vasquez 21.0
Assists: Greivis Vasquez 5.3
Rebounds: Greivis Vasquez 6.8

Best Players:
Greivis Vasquez, Jr., 6-6 190, SG
In Maryland it begins and ends with Mr. Vasquez. The Junior leads the team in all major statistics. He shoots a little over 87% from the line, so keep him away from the stripe at all cost. Hes at about 33% from 3, i say stick Stephen Gray on him all game...

My Take:
So after Maryland took down juggernaut Michigan St., i said to myself, "wow, what a better matchup!". Then i saw how poorly the zags played last night and i had to check myself and realize if we dont come out hot shooting, we may be heading to an honorable mention game, that is not an option. If this team is going to live up to its hype, we have to come out and dominate teams like OK St. and Maryland. Lets hope we can win and go on to play Tennesee or Georgetown.

Final Score: Gonzaga 85 Maryland 82 OT

Recap: Gonzaga Vs. Oklahoma St.


Final Score: Gonzaga 83 Oklahoma St. 71

Box score snapshot
Scorer: Micah Downs 17 points
Rebounder: Micah Downs 12 Boards
Passer: Jeremy Pargo 7 Assists
Swatter: Austin Daye 3 Blocks
Theif: Matt Bouldin 2 Steals

Game MVP: Jeremy Pargo
15 points, 5 Boards, 7 Assists, 1 Steal

Team Comparison: Zags/Cowboys
Points: 83/71
assist to turnover ratio:1.45/0.79
Shooting Percentage: 46%/37%
3pt Percentage: 27%/38%

Notes from the sideline:
- Micah Downs looks like hes starting to improve his shot selection
- Ira Brown was the human sparkplug off the bench
- Josh Heytvelt never got established with early foul trouble
- Jeremy Pargo seemed like he was reverting to his ball hog ways, he should not take more than 10 shots a game
- Matt Bouldin definitely looked like the best offensive option down the stretch
-The team came out extremely cold, 9 days off might have had something to do with that

What it means for the future (Analysis):
It means the Zags had their first real test of the season, and despite not being as prepared as some would like, they did pass. It was a very ugly game, lots of turnovers, bad shots, and bad decisions, lets hope that the Zags can hang with a hot Maryland Team tonight...

November 21, 2008

Scouting Report: Oklahoma St.

Scouting Report

Best Wins:
Well, they haven't exactly played a Gonzaga yet...

#90 North Texas 100-88 at home...

Current Rankings:

Team Leaders:
Points: Byron Eaton 19.7
Assists: Obi Muonelo 8.7
Rebounds: Byron Eaton 5.0

Best Players:
James Anderson, So., 6-6 195, SF
18.7 points and 7.7 boards per. That is a nice clip for a sophomore. Mr. Anderson is one of the hottest shooting players in the country so far this year. Hes at 60% from the field and 54% from 3. This guy needs a ball hawk on him at all times. I gotta admit the D-assignment will probably be either Austin Daye or Stephen Gray.

Byron Eaton, Sr., 5-11 215, PG
A scoring Point Guard, in full time action is averaging 26.5 points per game. He's shooting only 28% from three this year and i have to believe that's a trend, so keep him outside and clog the middle.

My Take:
This is going to be a difficult first round matchup. Although i do have to admit that the Zags should be able to handle OK St. if there is any hope for a Final Four Berth this year as the pundits have predicted(Dickie V says UCONN, UL, UNC, and the Zags). I expect a struggle, but with this being a truly neutral court offering, the Zags will only have themselves to blame if they cannot pull this one out.

Final Score: Gonzaga 84 Oklahoma St. 75

November 20, 2008

Is that Old Spice I smell?

So here we go, the season really begins this coming Thursday. We go head to head with Oklahoma State in the First round of the Old Spice tournament. The Travis Ford Led Cowboys will be a nice first round matchup and the winner will be a worthy opponent of Michigan St. in the second round.

This tourney yields teams such as Michigan State, Tennessee, Georgetown, and Maryland. The Bracket is below:

So get your pens and pencils ready, its November Madness!