February 19, 2008

Hello Everyone

My internet was shut off right after the Saint Mary's game and as a result i have not been able to post anything, im sorry to everyone, but i will be getting back to posting once the WCC tournament starts. GO ZAGS!

February 5, 2008

Recap: Gonzaga @ St. Mary's


Final Score: St. Mary's 89 Gonzaga 85 OT

Box score snapshot
Scorer: Jeremy Pargo 27 points
Rebounder: Abdullahi Kuso 12 Boards
Passer: Jeremy Pargo 9 Assists
Swatter: Austin Daye 4 Blocks
Theif: Jeremy Pargo 2 Steals

Game MVP: I have to give this one to both Pargo and Kuso. Kuso played at such a high level and pargo took over the game at times.
Jeremy Pargo
27 points, 4 Boards, 2 steals, 9 assists, 50% from three.
Abdullahi Kuso
11 points, 12 boards, 3 blocks, lots of energy

Team Comparison: Zags/Gaels
Points: 85/89
assist to turnover ratio:-0.88/+1.56
Shooting Percentage: 50%/41%
3pt Percentage: 41%/41%

Notes from the sideline:
-Austin Daye continues to look more and more confident, he showed some sick moves for a man of his height that took his defenders out of their shoes.
-To start out the offense showed some great fluidity, i think starting steven gray was a great idea, he provided some good perimeter defense and a good shooter for the offense to kick it out to
-Josh Heytvelt looked horrible at times, and he was held out for large portions of the game.
-Abdullahi Kuso was brilliant, he did not get into foul trouble until the end of the game and was a monster on the boards all night long. He even showed some flashes of great offensive awareness, something that has been a weakness in the past.

What it means for the future (Analysis):
First of all, this game was called very poorly by the refs for both sides. Honestly the zags outplayed the Gaels for large stretches of the game, the end saw many bad calls in the Gaels favor that helped them walk out with the Win. All said, the zags played a great game, and made lots of good decisions, i think when i comes time for the rematch it will not be close and the zags will overcome. I still think the zags will walk away with 1 loss in conference and take the conference title again.

February 4, 2008

SUPER 16 Rankings

SUPER 16 Rankings

(RPI in parenthesis)

1. Memphis 21-0 (2)
2. Duke 19-1 (4)
3. Georgetown 18-2 (6)
4. North Carolina 21-1 (3)
5. Tennessee 18-2 (1)
6. Kansas 20-1 (5)
7. UCLA 19-2 (10)
8. Michigan St. 19-3 (9)
9. Drake 18-1 (8)
10. Butler 19-2 (24)
11. Wisconsin 18-3 (14)
12. St. Mary's 17-3 (23)
13. Washington St. 17-4 (20)
14. Xavier 18-4 (15)
15. Stanford 18-3 (18)
16. Texas 16-4 (11)

Scouting Report: St. Mary's (CA)

Scouting Report

Best Wins:
#8 Drake 72-66
#45 Seton Hall 85-70
#51 Ohio 70-63
#55 Oregon 99-87
#63 San Diego St. 69-64

Current Rankings:
AP #20
ESPN #20

Team Leaders:
Points: Patrick Mills 14.5
Assists: Patrick Mills 3.9
Rebounds: Diamon Simpson 9.4

Best Players:
Patrick Mills, Fr., 6-0 175, PG
Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! OI! OI! OI! Need i say more? He is the top scorer, a freshman sensation, dropped 37 on Oregon, the top passer, and has scored more than 15 points 8 times this year. Mr. Mills is a NBAer, pure and simple. I expect him to be a tough matchup for Pargo tonight.

Diamon Simpson,Jr., 6-7 200, SF
The Diamond in the rough. Mr. Simpson is a rebounding force, he has 10 games with 10 or more boards this year. He is the yin to Patty Mills yang on the perimeter. I expect the zags to be out-rebounded thanks to this man. Did i mention he also shoots 55% from the field and averages almost 2 blocks a game?

Omar Samhan,So., 6-11 265, C
The second straight game that we have had to contend with a low post monster. This time it is with the offensive prowess of Samhan. He shoots 56% and has scored more than 15 points 7 times this year. He is also a great rebounder and shot blocker, teamed with Simpson, they are the best low post tandem in the WCC and maybe on the west coast altogether.

MY Prediction:
When i had a chance to go through St. Mary's schedule i noticed a big difference from the zags, we travel, they dont. The Gaels have had 5 true road games all year and are 2-3 on the road. Their biggest wins(Drake, Oregon, and Seton Hall) have come at home. Now what does this mean? Well the zags are going to McKeon Pavilion tonight, that does not mean this is a guaranteed loss, but i think it gives the Gaels a sizeable advantage. The arena rocks every time the zags come to town. I think when all is said and done the zags are a better team, however the Gaels edge the zags in a close one with the homecourt advantage.
Final Score: St. Mary's 72 Gonzaga 70

February 3, 2008

Recap: Gonzaga @ Santa Clara


Final Score: Gonzaga 87 Santa Clara 82 2OT

Box score snapshot
Scorer: Austin Daye 22 points
Rebounder: Josh Heytvelt 7 Boards
Passer: Jeremy Pargo 7 Assists
Swatter: Austin Daye 3 Blocks
Theif: Bouldin/Downs/Gray 2 Steals

Game MVP: Austin Daye
22 points, 5 Boards, 1 assist, 1 steals, 3 blocks, 75% from three.

Team Comparison: Zags/Broncos
Points: 87/82
assist to turnover ratio:+.70/-.72
Shooting Percentage: 50%/52%
3pt Percentage: 39.1%/38.5%

Notes from the sideline:

What it means for the future (Analysis):
Well i thought it would be a tough game. John Bryant and Brody Angley were dominant at times, and honestly the zags were outplayed. We will see what this development means for the big St. Mary's matchup, if the zags lose, we could see the Gaels take a firm lead of the WCC, whereas if the zags win they continue to assert their claim for being the best in the west.