July 21, 2014

Zagaholic at Zags Scrimmage: what we saw

We finally had a chance to make it down to our first off-season Gonzaga scrimmage this summer. Read on for highlights followed by pictures.

The men usually scrimmage after the kid camps end at about 10 p.m. and go at it hard for an hour. Entrance is gained by entering at the South/West side of the old Martin Center. Once inside, take a right and follow the signs all the way to the Kennel. It’s free of charge and anyone can attend. There is plenty of seating. I would estimate that about 200 or so spectators attended, so there is plenty of choice seating. It’s a great way to get a glimpse at the newbie’s, as well as some former players.

Teams consist of 5 players, one with shirts, and one with skins. They play for approx 10 minutes and then substitutions are made. There is no scoring, referees, or coaches, so it’s pretty much a free for all. Several “fill-in” players were needed to make the teams. I have no idea who they were.

There were some disappointments as well as pleasant surprises. The disappointments were that a lot of the players we hoped to get a look at were not in attendance. Kyle Wiltjer, Silas Melson and Sabonis were absent. So were Karnowski, Dranginis, Wesley, and McClellan. This really was a bummer as we wanted to see all the new guys in action, as well as get a feel for any improvement with the bigs, Wiltjer and Karnowski.

That being said, let’s get into highlights of what we saw:

Gary Bell- was a DNP. He sat on the sidelines watching, holding a basketball. Oddly enough, I remember this exact scenario last summer, as he was injured then as well. He is not 100% yet from his knee injury/surgery, but expects to be 100% by the start of the season.

Kevin Pangos- All indications are that he is good to go. We watched very carefully. No signs of any residual injury with his ankle or turf toe. No hesitation as he planted, pushed off and cut. As always, he was money from deep. He hit aprox. 5/7 from the NBA three point line and also looked great in his mid-range game, scoring floaters at will and taking it to the hole.

Ryan Edwards- I have to be honest, he looked terrible. Slow down the court and pushed around in the paint. His body language was awful. He was frustrated at his play, as well he should have been. No footwork, no energy, and he missed a lot of forced shots. He could really use a redshirt year. He has soft hands, size, and is money from the free throw line, but he needs some work. I still feel he can become a very good player down the line.

Josh Perkins- Wow. Very skilled and looks D-1 ready. No look passes, behind the back and head. I’d buy a ticket just to watch this guy pass. He is something special. Great handles all around. Athletic and fast, with good breakaway speed and good size. If his shots aren’t falling (he hit about ½ his shots) he can take it strong to the hole, play above the rim and finish.

July 1, 2014

Zags: Full Cupboard

This, is going to be awesome.

Next year's version of the Zags promises to be the best we've had since, well, it's been awhile. With leading stars back: Pangos, Bell, Karnowski. New talent galore: Sabonis, Wiltjer. Add in elite transfers: Byron Wesley and McClellan from Vandy. Newest recruits: Perkins, Alberts, and Melson...wow!

If this team can gell, and be at peace with being TEAM players, it should be a very special year. Being team players will be important because there are a lot of players, yet limited minutes. I can't wait for the season to begin.

For a closer look, check out this video from KREM 2 Sports: