August 26, 2014

The NIT Season Tip-Off still filled with issues

Gonzaga has been scheduled as a host in the 2014 NIT Season Tip-Off for a long time now, but even as the next season keeps approaching, this tournament still appears to be a complete mess.

It's been a while since an official source gave us an update on where the NIT Season Tip-Off stands. The last official update came on July 21, but that was discouraging news, as is the following news.

Below is a video released today (Aug. 26, 2014) from's Andy Katz telling us at the 1:50 mark that there is still an issue with how this multi-team tournament will be formatted. Will there still be 4 games for each team in the filed or will it be shortened? Will more teams be added to the field, and if so, will all those added teams be at the D1 level?

Here's a written transcript for what Andy Katz says in the video:

The NIT, the Season Tip-Off, the Preseason, as it used to be called, but the NIT Season Tip-Off still wrestling this week on what to do with its format with only 8 teams.

The 8 schools still don't know if they're going to get 4 games out of this, if there is gonna be 2 games at a neutral court at Madison Square Garden.

The coaches telling me that they're still wondering and waiting to find out hopefully later this week.

Phil Martelli, St. Joes, is one of the 4 schools that is not a host. The 4 hosts are Gonzaga, Georgia, St. John's, and Minnesota.

Martelli telling me that one scenario he was told is that these 4 schools that aren't the hosts would get 1 home game, they would get 1 road game, they would play 1 game at Madison Square Garden, and then they may play a game against a non-Division 1 to fill it out to get the 4 games they normally get with the NIT Season Tip-Off.

August 21, 2014

Gonzaga’s 2014 Edition-What’s in the Tank: Gary Bell Jr.

Gary Bell Jr. was a hot commodity coming out of High School. He was rated #53 on ESPN’s Super 60 list. A lot of colleges were vying for his talents, including Gonzaga’s head Coach Mark Few, who had been recruiting him for a long time. Few won the recruiting battle, but it wasn’t easy.

Some say that the hiring of Coach Donny Daniels played a part in Gary’s decision, but speculation aside, we do know that Coach Few told him he would “put the ball in his hands.”

Coach Few kept his promise, and Gary was very productive in his first six games as a freshman coming off the bench. That led to a start against Michigan State and he never looked back.

Over the next three years he has been instrumental in Gonzaga’s continued success. He also has quietly gotten better in several key statistical categories along the way. Last season he had career highs in rebounds, steals, field goal %, and points, averaging 11.0 per game. Additionally, he was once again deadly as a deep sniper, torching the nets at 43%.

What makes this impressive is that he has also been the Zag’s lock-down defensive specialist. He has been called upon night in and night out to stalk and otherwise harass opponent’s best players. That expends a lot of extra energy.

But what makes this even more impressive is that frequently he has been fighting though some kind of injury. Be it a broken hand, or an injured foot, or knee surgery. It seems like he is rarely playing at 100% for long, yet he still gets it done. 

Bell is now a polished veteran with one more chance to put it together. He has a multitude of skills along with his experience. If he can remain healthy, he should have his best season yet which will hopefully help propel the Zags deep into the NCAA Tourney.

August 18, 2014

Former Zag Star Kelly Olynyk takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Former Gonzaga star Kelly Olynyk takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. He does it a little different than every one else has been doing it...But you'll have to watch to see exactly how. Lol!

August 17, 2014

Gonzaga’s 2014 Edition- What’s in the Tank: Kevin Pangos

One of the reasons, and there are many, that the 2014 edition of the Gonzaga Bulldogs may finally return to the Elite 8, or even beyond, is Kevin Pangos.

It has been said that for a team to be elite, it needs a point guard with experience. Pangos is entering his final year as a senior. Not only that, but he has been a starter since coming off the bench during the first game of his collegiate career as a freshman. He has been tested by fire in many preseason, WCC, and NCAA tournaments. He has fought the wars and survived boisterous, hostile crowds. He has the experience.

The team rallies around Pangos. He exudes confidence on the floor and is very vocal. He wills his team to find a way and they almost always do. Teammates look to Kevin during times of struggle, oftentimes passing up good looks while deferring to him. Kevin leads, and players follow.

Pangos is driven, beyond what most would consider normal. He is relentless in his quest to better his game. What he lacks in size and length, he makes up in determination and preparation. If he is not lifting weights, or practicing in the gym, he is almost always on his way there, or thinking about it. I have seen him in the Kennel all by himself, deep into the night, dribbling two balls up and down the court. Setting up a bit trap net and working on the arc of his shot, fine tuning the subtleties of his game. He puts in 1000s of hours perfecting his craft. No one has more drive and determination than Kevin.

Elite teams need someone who can shoot from deep and count on in crunch time to hit foul shots. Pangos can do both. He is an assassin from three, draining 41.2% as a junior. I remember when he hit 9 of them in his very first start vs. WSU at the Kennel in ESPN’s College Hoops Tip-off. Because of the show he put on, he was trending worldwide afterwards on Twitter!

Also, he is deadly at the charity stripe, leading the team at the line while hitting 87.3% last season. When its money-time and the game is on the line, players get the ball to Pangos because he drives and gets fouled. He puts games away at the line.

We believe the only thing that could possibly stop Pangos from having his best year yet is injury. He was not himself this past season as he was hampered most of the year with turf toe, as well as a severely sprained ankle. He has had the off-season to put his body back together, get the rest he needed in order to heal, and work on his game. With that said, we look for Pangos to explode during his senior campaign and lead Gonzaga back to the Elite 8.

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August 11, 2014

Former Gonzaga Star Sam Dower headed for France

Sam Dower will be taking his talents to play pro ball in France. He had NBA pre-draft workouts with 10 different teams, but unfortunately didn't get drafted.

His goal is to eventually play in the NBA and his contract to play in France is a stepping stone towards that goal. We'll keep you updated in his progress. Go Sammy D!