May 23, 2013

Interview with Kelly Olynyk at the NBA Draft Combine Today

When asked what separates him from the other centers in a draft that goes five deep in them- Kelly says it's his skillset, basketball IQ, versatility, and work ethic. He also apparently had 4 interviews today with Dallas, Charlotte, Brooklyn, and Washington, with more to come tomorrow. 

Best of success to KO!!~

Check out the video of Kelly at the NBA Combine today:  COMBINE INTERVIEW

America's Team- The Zags

I stumbled across this incredible read by Mike Bookay of the Pacific NW Inlander. It takes you back to the beginning, from when nobody had heard of Gonzaga, to the incredible rise to #1 in the nation in the basketball polls.

Prepare to be enlightened:  America's Team

May 17, 2013

So, We Whiffed on Moser & Davis...big deal!

Look, I need to clear the air and get this out there. It takes a "special" player to don the uni for the Zags and we all know that. There was never a bonifide chance that Moser and Davis would pick Gonzaga. Although it was unique and admittedly kind of nice getting mentioned in the same breath as candidates for their services, they were never "Zag material." Duh!

Things are done differently at GU. Moser & Davis were ok but simply not "special" enough for our tastes. When it comes to recruiting, we are a breed apart. Additionally, recruiting has been the secret to our success. We do not mess with our proven recipe for just anyone.

Because of all the angst this has caused among the GU faithful, I wanted to help out. I present you with a roadmap of sorts below that might assist you in future determinations as to whether or not the staff is really after a recruit and he is indeed Zag material. Please keep these things in mind:

1). Our pg's must normally sing "Hi Ho, Hi-Ho-It's off to work we go" before all games. (Meetch, Stockton, Pangos) 

2). We like to implement the "4 on 5" or "3 on 5" offense.

3). Individual wings must not be able to shoot, rebound, or defend as a package deal.They can only succeed at one task at a time. This, is mandatory. (Hart, Landry, Barham)

4). We favor plucking our picks from the Lost City of Atlantis, where they have been secretly awaiting our rescue. (Keita, Karnowski, Moenninghoff)

5). If you can only shoot to your left, and your one post move is going left, you are welcome! (Dower, Karnowski)

6.) There must be at least two, if not three, walk-ons running the show at any time in live games. The more important said game...the better. (Hart, Stockton, Rem Bakamus)

7.) Our bigs must move about ssslowly under the rim, wear magnetron boots, and/or appear to enjoy quicksand. (Sacre, Kelly Olynyk)  

So, everybody calm down. This, is how we do it. There is nothing to worry about. It is all part of the master plan. Few & Co. have everything under control. As a matter of fact, he is currently working on his voice inflections and how to better establish "carry." He hopes to use this technique to gain an advantage during loud games, thereby gaining the attention of refs at pivotal times. He is presently working on just that, deep in the south fork of the Snake River Canyon. With the noise reverberation and all, and as long as he's there, he might as well get a little fishin in...

May 10, 2013

Tramaine Isabell Recruiting Update and Interview: Part 2

Who is Tramaine?

 This is part 2 of our look at 2014 Seattle Guard, Tramaine Isabell.  Despite his busy Schedule, we recently had the chance to catch up with him. He was kind enough to let us in on his recruitment, personal life and what the next year holds for him.

Josh: Which schools are going after you the hardest? Do you have a top 5? Top 10?
Tramaine: My Top ten schools are Seattle, Colorado, Gonzaga, Washington State, Nevada, Providence, Boise State, Cal State Bakersfield, Oregon State, and Rice.

Josh: Who has been in contact with you from Gonzaga?
Tramaine: I've talked to the assistants mostly. The assistant that just left to become the head coach at drake (Ray Giacoletti) came to a practice of mine at the end of my High School season.

Josh: What are you looking for at whichever program you choose to go to?
Tramaine: I want a program that's serious about winning and isn’t okay with being average. The coaches have to be good coaches and not just when it comes to hoops. And also the education I'd be receiving from the school.

Josh: What tournaments are you participating in this summer?
Tramaine: I play for Seattle Rotary Select and we're in the NIKE EYBL, so we are traveling almost every weekend! 

Josh: How has your AAU season gone so far?
Tramaine: My AAU season has gone pretty well so far. I've been focusing on making sure I get my guys rolling first & takeover when I need to. Roles change from High School to AAU ball and I think I've done a pretty good job at adjusting. 

Josh: How Do you anticipate your senior season going? 
Tramaine: I expect my senior season to heat up a lot more recruiting wise and for there to be a tad bit more success. I missed the free throw to win the 3A state championship game this year, I've learned and grown from that so hopefully we can repeat in the sense of getting to that stage.  Just with a different outcome.

Josh: How do you feel about the Seattle SuperSonics potentially returning in the next couple seasons?

Tramaine:  I'm super excited about the Sonics! I've gotten to know (Steve) Ballmer pretty well so I'm hoping once we get them (back), I'll be able to watch from a lot closer than I’m used too! (Laughs) 

Josh: Who were your favorite players growing up?
Tramaine: My favorite players are JCrossover (Jamal Crawford), B-Roy (Brandon Roy), Will Conroy, Kyrie Irving, Peyton Siva, Tone Wroten (Tony Wroten Jr.), Nate (Robinson)  And Kobe (Bryant).

Josh: Who have you modeled your game after?
Tramaine: I model my game after kyrie (Irving). Some people think we play alike because we can both score in bunches but have court vision as well. 

Josh: Who do you consider to be your mentor?
Tramaine: My mentors are Jamal (Crawford), B-Roy (Brandon Roy), and Will Conroy. They all give me a lot of advice that's useful, because they've already done everything I'm just starting. And I know they have my best interests in mind, so it's easy to take in everything they say because I know it's all valuable! 

Josh: Do you get on the sticks and play some NBA 2K13?
Tramaine:  Do I get on the sticks? Better ask about me! Gary Bell been running from me! I'm the best in the state on 2k! Yeah, I said it! (Laughs)

Josh: What is your favorite cereal?
Tramaine: My Favorite cereal might be Trix, Cap'n Crunch or frosted flakes! 

Tramaine: O's upppp! #Os #Ht
Josh: Thanks for taking the time to interview with us Tramaine, best of luck this summer. Can’t wait to follow your senior season!

Stay Tuned, we will have more interviews and content soon!!! As Always, GO ZAGS! 

May 9, 2013

Tramaine Isabell Recruiting Update and Interview: Part 1

 Who is Tramaine Isabell? Tramaine is a 6-1 Point Guard for Lakeside High School and Seattle Rotary. He is in the class of 2014. We first had the chance to write about him back in June 2012 with this profile.

 Tramaine has continued to blossom and the Gonzaga staff continues to show interest. He has received interest from most of the PAC-12, several other western schools, Providence, and Rice. Right now he is one of the top players out of the Seattle area for 2014. He does have a personal relationship with Gary Bell Jr., expect the staff to rely on Gary to keep Tramaine updated on the Zags and maybe even host him should he decide to visit our campus in the coming year. He recently received his first Division 1 scholarship offer to Seattle University, link here.